This page last updated 28th October, 2017

We currently have owners with a share for sale, due to change of circumstances since their buy-in.

Share no. 4 - 4000

Allocated 2018 weeks commencing:-

18th February, 30th September, 7th October, 22nd October.

The owner, who lives in California, typically comes to the UK for a month at a time in spring and autumn so didn't choose any mid-summer weeks.

However, this allocation does have three weeks in British Summer Time, two of them adjacent, and a school holiday week.

Swaps with other owners may be possible but cannot be guaranteed.


Each share represents 1/12 of the assets of the Owners' Club, namely the vessel, the contingency fund and the already funded 'fixed' operating costs to the end of the current 'operating year' (effectively February to January).

There are only 'Ordinary' shares available at present but ordinary shares may be upgradeable in future when Special shares are re-sold. Owners of ordinary shares will occasionally be able to book school holiday weeks that are not required by the special share owners. For more information about special versus ordinary shares click HERE.


Wolverley is currently cruising and heading back toward the Leeds Liverpool, but available for viewing by appointment.


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