This page last updated on 12th February, 2019 by BS.

Wolverley's Travels

Because, for most of the year, Wolverley will not be returning to a fixed 'base' location, she is likely to travel the waterway network extensively.

While we may well designate regions for a particular cruising season, there will be a great deal  of flexibility and designated regions will be quite extensive. Normal practice will be to hand-over within the designated region unless you have negotiated an alternative plan with the members following you.

Members are asked to make entries into the logbook/diary that will always be on board and also to send a brief report to the club's online forum. This should include (as a minimum), where you went (with overnight moorings), any problems encountered (with the boat or with the waterways), and the engine hours at the end of your trip.

Owners will have access to an online calendar and are asked to add their own bookings and afterwards their overnight moorings to this (in the 11.00pm slot).

Given that Wolverley is licensed on a 'Continuous Cruising' basis, it is important that we can show evidence of regular traveling. If you choose to return to your starting point, we still need to know which 'neighbourhoods' you visited during your travels.

For 2019 the touring region has been selected as the area bounded by Cromwell Lock, Burton-on-Trent and Market Harborough.